Finalist Detail 2015


  • Brief About Yourself
  • I belong to simple & high culture family where moral values are placed in high pedestal. I possess all the qualities a woman should have as I am sensitive, affectionate, kind & caring.

  • Your achievements that make you feel high.
  • As life has given me many opportunities to make me feel high but here I would like to share two such information... The first & foremost was the one when I procure my degree of B.A. & three yrs diploma in Textile Design simultaneously. Those three years were toughest with all the up and down of my teenage life , to put 14- 15 hrs of hard work almost everyday . Finally holding the two degrees, one in each hand was the step towards having undoubted confidence. The other one when I created 'Naiveté' a fashion studio, where I found a new meaning in my life . After left my job as Textile Instructor, I lost touch with my professional self . I had to find new meaning in life and to fulfill my dreams which was given by Naiveté.

  • Define the true beauty.
  • Beauty is a perception. For me beauty is combination of educated mind , kind & loving heart , blissful soul living in healthy & fit body.

  • Why you are participating in Mrs India Queen of Substance.
  • To have wonderful experience. I may or may not win but I am right contestant to spread knowledge and understanding about Indian women.

  • If you were given the chance to live again, what would it be?
  • No doubt, this earth is privileged by many great souls. But I would like to live again as myself and like to spread awareness amongst women so they can live with dignity.

  • The Quote or saying that encourages you?
  • Quote that really motivated me is,' Watch your thoughts, for they become words. Watch your words as they become actions. Watch your actions as they become habits, Watch your habits, for they become your character , Watch your character for it become your destiny.'

  • How you will contribute towards the not so fortunate children & women of our society.
  • Dignity for every human beings...whether it's woman or child is must . I think education can be the best medicine to cure them from poverty & oppression. Provisions for healthy eating , education & right cleaning habits are must for them.