Finalist Detail 2019

Gandhali Jain

  • Haryana
  • A brief about yourself and how you describe your personality and persona.
  • Myself, Gandhali Jain from Gurgram. Professionally I hold a degree in Interior Designing from NIFD and have been an entrepreneur in the field of fashion. Presently, a Mom of two adorable and naughty kids and a wife of a workaholic, my hands are full but as we women are programmed to be SUPERWOMEN, I recently started assisting my husband in an educational venture along with participating in MIQS. I am someone who completely lives in the present, I have no regrets from the past and I have no plans for the future, I just know my present for which I am always happy, excited and content.

  • Your achievements that makes you feel high.
  • Since the day I was born till date, I have absolutely no regrets about anything as I learnt to adopt the various ups and downs with full positivity and thus what I actually achieved throughout my life which makes me feel high is CONTENTMENT.

  • Define the true beauty.
  • The word 'beauty' initself is very vast. Being selfless, helpful, kind, honest and loving is what makes a person beautiful. If you can help the lesser privileged in any way in your lifetime, without any expectations, you are the person with a heart of gold, which indeed I believe is the most beautiful.

  • What makes a complete, healthy and happy family for you?
  • A family where the WOMAN prioritize herself and takes care of herself before taking care of others, the family where the woman is happy and healthy will eventually make a complete, healthy and happy family.

  • What is your favorite idea of holidaying?
  • Where there are NO MOBILE PHONES and NO LAPTOPS, where we can connect with the nature, cherish little and simple joys of life which otherwise are not even noticed in the juggling routines of our lives. Having a totally relaxed family time, exploring and knowing each other along with spending quality time with the kids together would make a perfect holiday.

  • Why you are participating in Mrs. India Queen of Substance?
  • Firstly, it has been a childhood dream to have that princess moment and to feel like a diva by winning a beauty pageant. Secondly, i have always been inclined towards the lesser privileged section of our society and this is a platform that would give me the opportunity to give back to the society in some way or the other. Thirdly, I really wish to inspire women, specially housewives that its never too late to chase your dreams and it doesn't matter what you did all these years. You can be a housewife for 10 years and you can be representing your country on an international platform the very next moment, its just when you decide to do it with your will power, positivity and passion.

  • What bothers you most about what is happening in the country today?
  • The state of woman in our country, the rising rape cases, the sexual harassment at every place, be it school, college or office, women are facing it everywhere and the worse is that they don't even voice it out, even if they do, the grossness of the crime is not acknowledged. I strongly believe, making our boys learn to respect a woman is equally or infact more important than making our girls stand up for themselves. Boys should be taught that a NO means a NO.

  • The Quote or saying that encourages you?
  • Everything happens for a reason, live It, love It and learn from It.

  • What is true Sportsmanship for you?
  • Hoping for the best and preparing for the worst with the capacity to win and lose gracefully.

  • If you are selected as a Charity Ambassador what value addition would you like to make for our society and how?
  • It is a passion for me to work for the weaker section of our society, so if I get selected as a charity ambassador it would be an honour for me and I would like to work for the welfare of under privileged/disabled children, the rape victims/acid attack victims, by giving them a platform through which they can gain back their confidence and bounce back from the ashes like a phoenix and lead a fruitful and content life.