Finalist Detail 2019

Dr. Renu Singh

  • Kanpur
  • A Brief about yourself and how you describe your own Personality and Persona.
  • I am Gynaecologist, Laparoscopic surgeon and Director Gahlaut Health Care Kanpur. ambitious, adventurous ,optimistic extrovert, happy go round ,sensitive ,committed and passionate for my family ,friends ,profession and deep intense desire to make this world a beautiful place with my skills and persona.Adding smiles to faces is my achievement and looking forward for many more .

  • Your achievement that makes you feel high.
  • Adding smiles to faces is my achievement and looking forward for many more .

  • Define the true beauty
  • BEAUTY for me is Happy Heart with Noble soul reflected in eyes and smile.

  • What makes a complete , healthy and happy family for you.
  • LOVING, understanding, HARDWORKING, communicative, sacrificing family members constitutes happy healthy FAMILY.

  • What is you favourite idea of holidaying ?
  • Holidaying for me is walking in natural trails with my bestie..hubby..wanna explore mysteries of life by exploring people and places.

  • Why are you participating in Mrs India Queen of Substance?
  • Always being hardcore academician , wanna explore domain of glamour.. Bold n beautiful comments persuaded me to take up the challenge.

  • What bothers you most about what is happening in the country today.
  • Double standards towards female gender prevalent in our society ,along with uncontrolled population ,exploitation of nature in name modernisation seems to be most burning issues.

  • The Quote or saying that encourages you?
  • “Concentrate all your thoughts upon work at hand. Sun rays do not burn until brought to focus .’[Alexander Graham Bell]quote keeps me motivated.

  • what is true “Sportsmanship” for you?
  • Sportsmanship is competitive, perseverance yet compassionate

  • If you are selected as a Charity Ambassador what value addition would you like to make for our society and how?
  • Can go miles ,to bring smiles …by policy making, propagating health and instilling confidence in women of all strata ,,and wish to save felinity by saving uterus running campaigns .