Finalist Detail 2018

Mrs. P Sapra

  • Gwalior
  • A Brief about yourself and how you describe your own Personality and Persona.
  • Optimistic,motivated,selfdetermined,fearless,devoted,charismatic.Yes that’s me Poonam Sapra, a fashion designer by profession along with a home maker I am a fitness freak person. I believe into making things happen. I am a very passionate person who believes in doing everything with passion. I want to set an example for people rather than advising them. As a fashion designer, I worked at NIFD for 5 years and now work as a free lancer. I also take workshops for GDPA(GROUP DISCUSSION AND PERSONAL INTERVIEW) for MBA student and workshops for Personality Development. Cooking is one of my hobbies and my biggest inspiration is my kids who make me learn a new chapter everyday. I am a dreamer who believes in making it true. I am a born legend as bought up in a Punjabi family .My origin is Nashik, met my beloved got married in Delhi and now residing in Gwalior. I am an explorer, as I love travelling, had been to 13 different countries till date around the world was a charismatic experience and got to learn and know about different cultures and values. ”THAT’S ME”

  • Your Achievements that makes you feel high.
  • Achievements for me are rewards for our struggle and hard work .It gives us value and motivation for moving ahead in life. I believe into true sportsman ship as winning and losing is part and parcel of life, but working towards achievement is the way to live life. I am a good learner as learning at any stage is never ,”Impossible”, for me says ,”I am possible ”.Achievements are a boast to your success as they help you to climb the ladder of success. So, aiming high will help you achieve higher in life as achievements are ,”Key to success”.

  • Define the true beauty.
  • Beauty for me is not only physical, appearance ,shape ,size, color ,form. I think it’s the soul that has to be beautiful as that with you for ever and ever. I believe that people are beautiful with their thought and ideas which they implement for well being or generosity. It’s not about the caste and creed you belong to but definitely the deed you do. Beauty in true terms is just,” Being”. I think being beautiful is all about your upbringing also. Beauty is the true essence of a human nature as they say ,”Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder you see”.

  • What makes a complete, healthy and happy family for you?
  • Family, its like a journey from beginning to end which associates all the people around you i.e not only the member of your family, relatives, and friends but also people you interact with. For me, family is not only good time with people but also sharing the bad, ugly, strange, success, and faliures too. They are the people who stand by you against all odds and I am blessed to have a very happy and a prosperous family. Its like a tree giving shade in hot noons, rainy days, and shelter, its also like shedding leaves in autumn and a protection in winter. Therefore we call it a family tree.

  • What is your favorite Idea of Holidaying?
  • ”Holiday”, is a pleasure time spend with nears and dears. The place, time doesn’t matter but what matters is the people and the surrounding that you are spending with. Holiday, is a treasure time captured for life time which gives immense pleasure saving them as memories help you live life in best conditions. These cherished moments are celebrations for the journey called ,”Life”. I am blessed to have such many celebrations!!!

  • Why you are participating in Mrs India Queen of Substance?
  • Being an inspiration, a positive one is something I always aspired in life. I always believe in setting an example for others rather than just giving a advise, winning this tittle may contribute me as a person to the society for the well- being, aspiration, thoughts, and goodness I need to do for the society being a citizen will help me prove myself at a better place and position!!!

  • What bothers you most about what is happening in the country today?
  • I think,” Gender inequality “,is still a very big issue which needs to be sotted. As our society is still male dominating women are gaining positions in all the fields around may be IT, Civil Services, Science, Medical, Astronauts, and many more, but still are not given that position that she deserves. I think to resolve this problem it should begin from every home and every family that they regard the women in their house and equality begins from home. As we know when you educate a women she educates the whole family but today she educates the whole society. Respect women as she doesn’t 1 need to ask for it she owns it. I have always believed in,” Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence”.

  • The Quote or saying that encourages you?
  • I have always believed in,” Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence”. I think practice leads to perfection and perfection leads to excellence so never stop practicing and never give up as while doing this you are learning and preparing yourself towards success.

  • What is true “Sportsmanship” for you?
  • It is the ability to accept the goodness of others and to empower ourself with the quality that we lack. Winning or losing is part and parcel but being humble to endure the quality of other is true sportsmanship.

  • If you were selected as a Charity Ambassador what Value addition would you like to make for our Society and how?
  • I would devote myself in contributing for the goodness and wellness of the society. I think the financial help does not fulfill the desires to accomplish what you are willing for, its your time, devotion, dedication, decisions, that you need to share for the better society. When you devote yourself completely you will achieve what you wish for. As I believe,” work is worship”.