Finalist Detail 2016


  • Delhi
  • How you describe your own Personality and Persona ?
  • I consider myself as a simple yet confident, independent and strong willed woman.

  • Define the true beauty ?
  • Being a working mother. First I thought, managing my home, my kid, my professional life would be difficult but I am managing it quite well and thanks to my family for the support. That really makes me feel high and proud.

  • Define the true beauty ?
  • True beauty isn’t just having a pretty face, its having a beautiful mind with pureness of heart and soul.

  • Do you consider yourself to be a giver or taker?
  • I consider myself as a giver because I truly believe more you give more you get.

  • What is your favourite Idea of Holidaying?
  • That would be spending some good quality time with my family, be it any place in this world.

  • Why you are participating in Mrs India Queen of Substance?
  • I think “Mrs India Queen of Substance” is a platform for every married woman to celebrate her femininity.

  • If you were given the chance to live again, what would it be?
  • I would like to live my same life as I got a very loving family, friends, very loving & caring husband, beautiful kid and a profession which I enjoy.

  • The Quote or saying that encourages you?

  • Many teenagers and youngsters are bullied worldwide for having ?
  • My message to them would be…. “Be the warriors, don’t crib, whine or feel bad about it. Accept the way you are and try to exploit your hidden talent and make it your strength.”

  • If you were selected as a Charity Ambassador what Value addition would you like to do for our Society and How?
  • I would definitely like to do something to improve the quality of life of under privileged children of our society by providing them education. Giving back to society means enhancing your own life by improving the areas where you work, live and play. A strong community with a high quality of life means safer, healthier lives for you and those around you.