Finalist Detail 2019

Shaivya G Maheshwari

  • Kota
  • A brief about yourself and how you describe your personality and persona.
  • My name is Shaivya Gautam Maheshwari .I am 25 years old and happily married woman to my best friend. I am born and brought up in Kota, Rajasthan. I have completed my masters from University of London. I was an ex faculty of English in Resonance coaching .Apart from this, I work for an international organization The Art of living and teach meditation to students of age between 17-18. I am friendly, naughty who loves cooking and swimming a lot.I believe in myself and can adapt myself in any environment.

  • Your achievements that makes you feel high.
  • There are many achievements in my life. But some achievements boosts your confidence and motivate in life .The one was when I successfully taught 2000 students meditation and counselled them.Also,being an finalist of Mrs.India queen of substance is itself an achievement for me.

  • Define the true beauty.
  • According to me, true beauty lies in the eyes of a person. But , true beauty means love i.e. your inner beauty which is free of jealousy and hatred .That beauty reflects with a shine outside too.

  • What makes a complete, healthy and happy family for you?
  • According to me a healthy, happy and complete family means a family where there is unity, respect and love for each other. It also means that a family who eats and work out together always lives happily and healthy together. IN simple words, a family should eat and exercise together and take care for each other is equals to a complete family.

  • What is your favorite idea of holidaying?
  • My favourite idea of Holidaying-I am a nature person. So, my idea is mainly about hills and mountains. A beautiful cottage on hills and my partner with me and I don’t mind including trekking with him too.

  • Why you are participating in Mrs. India Queen of Substance?
  • Mrs India queen of substance is a great platform for me to achieve my goal that is to upgrade the level of married women in society. It is a beautiful way to prove that women should not be afraid to spread her wings beyond society. Also,I want to work for society for women by spreading awareness of becoming independent and successful in life.

  • What bothers you most about what is happening in the country today?
  • In my country there are many things which are wrong . But, according to me, there are two factors- corruption and gender inequality. Corruption has made my country really financially low. Black money has stopped the development of my country and sadly, government is doing nothing about it.Secondly, I feel women are still not getting equal position in society. Even today in many parts of India people want boy to be born not a girl. This gender inequality really upsets me a lot .And the sad part is nobody is taking a proper step about it.

  • The Quote or saying that encourages you?
  • The quote which has inspired me – There is this beautiful saying “It is not length of life but depth of life that counts”. I don’t believe in living many years, all I know is to live a beautiful and quality life. I believe in good Karma and spreading love everywhere. I believe in trying new things and enjoy every second to the fullest. At the end people will not remember the days you lived, all they will remember is how you lived.

  • What is true Sportsmanship for you?
  • According to me sportsmanship means to have a healthy competition among one another. It means to respect each competitor and play fair in every competition. I believe in supporting my competitor in his bad times and encourage him or her to overcome weakness and to learn something positive from them is a true sportsmanship for me.

  • If you are selected as a Charity Ambassador what value addition would you like to make for our society and how?
  • If I get this beautiful opportunity to become a charity ambassador I would really like to spread awareness about menstrual hygiene in rural areas of my city. I believe that women of rural areas are still not aware about this hygiene and still using cloth for this problem.
    Ways to spread awareness:
    A). Taking workshops: I would like to take workshop in rural schools for teenage girls and teach them about this hygiene.
    b) Raising funds: I would like to raise funds to distribute sanitary napkins in rural areas to women and would like to tell them how to use it .