Finalist Detail 2017

Capt. Shalini Singh

  • New Delhi
  • A brief about yourself and how you describe your own personality and persona?
  • After having faced the enormous amounts of up and downs, today, I’m a highly motivated , disciplined, independent and an open minded women. I believe in working hard to reach my goals instead of taking shortcuts. I am a believer. Being health conscious and eating healthy food is also a part of my life. A hardcore dog lover, I believe everyone has an equal right to live freely, happily and to make their own personal choices as to how they want to live. Socializing comes naturally to me with an amazing group of friends. I believe in partying hard and dancing my way to music whenever I get a chance. An Ex-officer from the Indian Army, the quote “Live Life Queensize” is apt to my persona.

  • Yourachievements that makes you feel high?
  • Having lost my dear husband in the line of duty at the age of 23, then being almost killed by my second husband at the age of 32, raising my son all by myself, being cheated by “Good friends” and having cried my countless tears – I stand tall, facing life in its face. Financially independent, career woman and taking all challenges head on I have never felt any better before. I am more confidant, even prettierand more and more motivated as each day passes by, and what gives me the high is the fact that when I look myself in the mirror every morning, I fall more and more in love with myself than yesterday.

  • Define the True Beauty?
  • Being beautiful has got less to do with my body and skin but more about what skin my heart has and how beautiful my thoughts are. Eating healthy, exercising and having a regime does the part of my outer beauty but it takes more efforts and exercise of my mind, practicing goodness, uplifting the ones who are in an emotional ditch, and reminding myself every single day to smile in the face of adversities and keeping my spirits as high as I can. A beautiful mind is a result of a beautiful heart that sometimes cry when someone is in pain and laughs hard when a joke is cracked. A beautiful heart makes a beautiful “Me”.

  • What makes a complete, healthy and happy family for you?
  • The word “complete” is quite irrelevant to the concept of “family”. According to me no family is perfect with maybe all the members moving in different directions in life with different likes and dislikes. Each one may have an irritating habit that create tiffs, fights, arguments and even separation of couples to an extent. But what makes a family complete is when there is laughter, tears, fears, sharing of events, taking and giving advices, celebrating smaller victories and letting go of bigger defeats of each other. Uplifting the spirits and hearts, vacations together, eating together, respecting each other for whatever and whoever they are and the choices they make in life. Family is what makes a house – A HOME!!

  • What is a favorite idea of holidaying?
  • I want to lay stress free with my phones switched off by the beach with a glass of chilled beer with my shades on and a hat covering my face to the sun rays. The feeling of a complete relaxed time. And I need not always have my family or friends to accompany. Sometimes it’s fun to be with myself in the company of just ME and my real self!!

  • Why are you participating in Mrs India Queen of substance?
  • To be able to win the hearts of millions and wearing the crown of Mrs India is a challenge most women want to throw at themselves especially towards the end of youth, when you do not feel as beautiful and as attractive as you once did. But motivating myself every day to stay fit both mentally and physically, being able to make difference in the lives of others and being able to motivate other women to achieve their dreams is the best way to stay “on the High”. I want to challenge myself and not prove to anyone but myself that I’m a WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE indeed.

  • What bothers you about what is happening in our country today?
  • A major lack of Empathy and respect for our fellow HUMAN BEINGS is the most bothersome situation according to me. Besides poverty, corruption, taking our soldiers for granted, unemployment, terrorism etc etc.. the list can go on and on. But only if we can pick up a fallen man, put the life of a man before money and being able to trust each other with lives can not only bring peace to this nation but peace between people of this nation. Be human first, then be a politician, bureaucrat or a person with Power. Live and Let Live!

  • The Quote or saying that encourages you?
  • “Tough time’s never last but tough people do” – it is so apt for me and I fit in it so well

  • What is true sportsmanship for you?
  • To be able to give my best shot through fair means no matter how hard the game looks. Whether I win or losethe game and be able to take it in my stride and celebrate the victory of my opponent. Recognizing your opponent because without him/her there would be no game is all about sportsmanship according to me.

  • If you were selected as the charity ambassador, what value addition would you like to make for our society and how?
  • Giving clothes to the needy, books to the poor children, food to the hungry and love to the neglected animals on the streets is my perfect idea of adding value to my society as a whole. Many other things are being taken care of I guess!!