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Vinay Yadawa

Vinay Yadawa

  • Chief Managing Director

    Vinay Yadawa Chief Managing Director A tough & disciplined genre of today’s India who still feels for the motherland India & always cherished the best time of his life when serving the Indian Air Force for 15 years.

    He was a representative of YMCA National Boxing championship and won silver medal for Air Force. Before anything started happening in his life he saw his father serving the nation and there began the journey. He was selected for the NSG commando training and preferred by his organization as PSO to Chief of Air Staff, a recipient of many best shooter Awards in his organization.

    His full time is now devoted in running the current services of HCWA and chasing his dream of expanding the services to other places to reach out to many more needy. Also manages a school for physically & mentally challenged children in Delhi.

    Brought up in much disciplined & tradition family has inculcated all in his character. He combines his responsibilities as Director of Adiva Innovations Pvt Ltd and ensures smooth execution of Mrs India Queen of substance beauty pageant.

    Managing a team of more than 60 head count successfully for the past so many years, having the professional qualification in social service accompanied by executive MBA programme from IMT Ghaziabad. Attitude is his asset and mental strength is his character. A strong guy with aptitude to understand the needs of social services & social security always bears the importance of returning back to the society. Always works with the people and for the people.

    A typical society man with selfless approach towards common goal. Compromise is not his cup of tea.

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