Finalist Detail 2019

Shweta Chopra

  • New Delhi
  • A Brief about yourself and how you describe your own Personality and Personality.
  • My name is Shweta Chopra. I am born and brought up in the heart of India, New Delhi. I tied the holy knot of matrimony in 2004. I am the mother of a teenager daughter who is my ultimate source of motivation and encouragement. I am a fun loving gregarious person.I am a dreamer and a believer. I believe that by putting the right amount of hard work and a strong will power anyone can achieve anything. I also believe the ultimate goal of being a human is to serve the universe by helping others. I am an animal lover and I run a shelter for stray dogs and cats.  I have a strong urge to learn and I am glad that my profession has given me immense opportunities to explore and learn different cultures and traditions of all over the world. Which has made me better and more confident person.  I am a passionate cabin crew by profession and I proudly represent our national airline Air India to the world. My hobbies are working out and reading inspirational books. I believe in keeping my body and mind fit. I am a fitness blogger and A social media influencer and love sharing my fitness and travel journey with the world. I am strong willed, strong headed woman, a feminist who voice her opinion and stand for what I feel is right.  I am an optimist and love spreading positivity and smiles to my surroundings. I have an infectious energy and I always keep people around me joyous and cheerful with same. 

  • The achievements that make you feel high.
  • Life is full of learning experiences and every experience good or bad teaches you something new in life. I too have many learning experiences in life which has made me the person I am today. I have achieved everything I have ever imagined for myself. I am a very ambitious and positive person and my hard working skills have helped me to get what I want.  As a child I have won many trophies in the field of Dance, art and debates. I was state level swimmer and has topped my school consecutive two years.  I was always the pampered student by all my teachers. Winning the title of head girl in the school was one of my achievements during my school time. These little achievements has helped me to be more confident. My first bungee jump, scuba diving, sky diving are my adventurous achievements.  I have grown tremendously as a person by keeping myself emotionally happy, I consider emotional achievement are the best achievements as they make your life peaceful and alive. The best achievement of my life so far is becoming a mother. I believe motherhood is the only bliss which completes a woman. It cannot be compared with any award or prize. I am immensely proud to have a wonderful daughter who keeps me motivated. After giving birth to my daughter I have understood the meaning of real life. Life is all about giving and sharing. Motherhood has made me more compassionate and patient and these added values have helped me to become a good human being. So, I consider this as the biggest achievement so far. I also consider being healthy is also one of my achievements as it has helped me be more disciplined. I am glad that I could be a source of motivation to many women and teenagers who follows me on social media. 

  • What makes a completely happy and healthy family?
  • I feel grateful and blessed to have a family. I believe having a family is bliss and we should admire that. I always keep my family on top priority and strongly believes in the saying," family comes first'. A family is complete by the commitment and love and not by how many members you have in it. To make a family a happy family you need to add the right values in it. Values like forgiveness, Hope, laughter, compassion, respect and Love. And these values comes when you do things together. By doing small things together like cooking, watching a Netflix, a post-dinner Ludo game, feeding our adopted strays dogs and cats together or a late night drive for ice cream. On my week off I love baking cakes with my teenager daughter and love doing a couple workout with my husband who is also my fitness motivator.  I believe in order to make a happy healthy and complete family one must work on small things.

  • That quotes or saying that encourages you
  • Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality.” ... Imagine with all your mind, believe with all your heart and Achieve with all your might. These quotes keep me motivated and positive. I have understood the power of positivity by practising these in my life. I also get encouraged by "Forgive and forget,  I believe Forgiving someone who has wronged you is actually a selfish act rather than a selfless one. Letting go of the hostility and hatred that you may have allowed to bottle up inside you is actually something you do for yourself rather than for the benefit of the other person. He drains you of your energy, enthusiasm and peace of mind. But the moment you forgive him, you get him off your back and you can move on with the rest of the world.

  • What is your favourite Idea of Holidaying?
  • Over the years, I have found that spending time alone in natural surroundings connects me to the larger universe around me and restores my spirit in this hurried age. Communing with nature is also an excellent way to unlock your creativity and generate new ideas As Mahatma Gandhi observed, “When I admire the wonder of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in worship of the Creator.”  So for me, the idea of a perfect holiday is spending time with nature. On holidays I wake up early to enjoy a sunrise. I love taking a barefoot walk on a beach. I am thalassophile and enjoys beach vacation. I love trying different local cuisine and local fashion. Lastly collecting memories in the form of pictures is also a great part of any holiday.

  • Why are you participating in Mrs India Queen of substance?
  • I believe if you don’t go after what you want you will never have it. You have to take a step forward to Move from a place you were and participating in Mrs India queen of substance is my first step to achieve what I want. My primary goal is to feel vibrant and alive, inside and out and by winning this crown and I am sure I will  get enough opportunities to spark.   I always have this dream of winning the crown and representing my country internationally. By participating I am giving myself the opportunity to make this dream a reality. I always ask myself, “Am I using the best within myself to its fullest capacity? I believe If I am not using my best, I am not only doing myself a disservice, I am doing the world, and all those within it who could benefit from me, a disservice.  Giving the gift of your time by volunteering to serve those who have less than you is an excellent way to remind yourself on a regular basis of the abundance that exists in your life. Seeing what others don’t have keeps me awake to all the good things I do have. It prevents me from taking things for granted and, even more importantly, helps me make a difference in the lives of people who really need me.”  Winning the crown will give me the opportunity to do this soul rejoicing deed by helping others.

  • What is true sportsmanship?
  • True sportsmanship is performing your best even if the conditions are unfavourable.  It's about building each other instead of tearing down.  It's about being a team player instead of playing solo for self. I am glad that my 13 years of experience as a team member has helped me to be a good team player. In a contest like this where everyone is a competitor I believe I would like to not only win the title but the genuine appreciation of my fellow contestants too and to get this I would need this essential spirit of being a good team player.

  • Define the True beauty.
  • For me, true beauty is the ability to make someone smile. When you have beautiful thoughts about yourself and life you reflect that in your soul and make others happy and positive. For me, exterior beauty without the depth of a kind soul is merely a decoration. True beauty in a woman reflects in her soul when she is caring, giving and compassionate. 

  • what bothers you most in what is happening in India. 
  • I would first like to express my gratitude for being an Indian. For me, my nationality is a matter of pride. I feel really proud to be a part of this beautiful country which is known for its diversity and traditional values.  There are many things which I am proud of in my country but as I am asked for only the ones which I am bothered. There is a list of things which I would like to change if given a chance. Gender inequality, female Foeticide, poor education system, poor medical facilities for underprivileged, domestic violence, less awareness of female hygiene and female safety are few topics which keep bothering the feminist in me to the core. I am also concerned about the poor condition of farmers and soldiers in our country. Poor air quality in India is also a reason of concern and as a responsible citizen its our duty to work on it. I also believe education is the root cause of all these problems and by educating our youth we can win over these evils gradually. 

  • if you are selected as a charity ambassador. What value addition would you like to make for our society and how?
  • It would be an honour to be a charity ambassador and I would go the extra mile to do the best I can. I am extremely glad to see the efforts by HCWA. The organisation is doing great work by helping the underprivileged. As the organisation is focusing on most of the areas of concern like child education with SAKSHAR INDIA. Helping the special children with MASOOM DUNIA. Working a great job in the field of providing Medical facilities with JEEWAN REKHA. Empowering women around the nation with STREE SAKTI. Helping environment with PARYAVARM SURAKSHA and helping in the time of need by providing disaster management services with the campaign MANAVTA. I would love to be a part of all of them but if I have to choose I will choose Sakshar India and Stree Shakti. I have strong zeal to be a tiny part in helping society. Being a blogger and influencer on social media I would love to start a fundraising campaign on social media. I would love to devote my physical presence in all possible events to help the organisation.