Finalist Detail 2016


  • Dubai
  • How you describe your own Personality and Persona.
  • I would describe myself as an Independent and hard working woman. I am a very resilient person who can handle any situation in a very calm and composed manner. I enjoy my work as much as I enjoy taking care of my family.

  • Your achievements that make you feel high?
  • Unlike many, I started my career at the age of 30. I started my career in the field of Education in the year 2005, and I have accomplished myself as a successful entrepreneur in Dubai.

  • Define the true beauty.
  • True beauty lies in the smile of innocent heart, which bears no hatred and is filled with love.

  • Do you consider yourself to be a giver or taker?
  • I consider myself as a Giver. I believe Givers, Gain.

  • What is your favourite Idea of Holidaying?
  • I think an ideal holiday would be quality time spent with my entire family and friends irrespective of the place.

  • Why you are participating in Mrs India Queen of Substance.
  • I would like to test the confidence and strength I gained over the years and I believe, Mrs. India of Substance would be an ideal platform.

  • If you were given the chance to live again, what would it be?
  • I would like to be myself. I would like to learn from the mistakes that I made and to be a better version of myself.

  • The quote or saying that encourages you .
  • Known is a drop, unknown is an ocean. This quote makes me feel that there is lot more to achieve and that there is no end to knowledge and learning is an endless process.

  • Many teenagers and youngsters are bullied worldwide for having
  • You need to know that you are much more than the size of your teeth or the color of your hair or how much you weigh. You are much more than you believe yourself to be. Have a goal and work toward it and the world will realize it too and your imperfections will seem beautiful.

  • If you were selected as a Charity Ambassador what Value addition would you like to do for our Society and how? Why do you think giving back to society is important?
  • Education is power. I have always dreamt of starting an organization to provide Education and basic life skills to under privileged children. So I believe, I could accomplish that in a bigger way if I am chosen a charity ambassador. Though it is our duty to give back to the society, I personally feel there can be no better reason than love for the under privileged.