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Before and After of ‘Me’


Before and After of ‘Me’

Was it one of those Trials and tribulations of being a woman? I asked myself. That was my moment of truth. ‘Who am I kidding? ‘….. I thought to myself. These were excuses. It is My body , My mind. Everything else is immaterial. 21 years since that day, and a weight loss journey from 118 Kgs to 60 Kgs I can definitely say I understand that pressure to be perfect, the hustle for worthiness, the obsession over whether or not we’re doing it “right.” The question that I would like to ask you here is this. Perfection according to what standards? Worthiness in whose eyes? The question of right or wrong by what scale? My take on all these questions is very simple – It is all relative. The one and only person you are answerable to is YOU. You and you alone set your standards. Your body, Your mind and your comfort with both. In my journey to holistic wellness, I tried a wide gamut of techniques (making myself the guinea pig for most experiments!), examined various schools of tho

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