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“Brands don’t matter. What matters is the thought just before the click. A photo takes birth here [taps forehead]”, was the reply given by ‘Napalam Girl’ fame and Pulitzer Prize winner Nick Ut for his award winning photograph, when asked about  his  favorite camera brand.

What a beautiful and deep thought indeed!! Isn’t it? It provoked me to think that with Tsunami of Beauty products and various cosmetic brands floating in the market, the question arises, which is the right one for me? I would say, “Brands don’t matter. What matters is the thought just before one speaks. A dream, a vision takes birth in brains”.

Facial beauty no doubt is measured and treasured. However it’s radiance would live forever if, the purity and magnanimity of the thoughts are well taken care of. The terminology ‘Beauty with Brains’ is well known. I personally feel cause the two are interdependent.

It is ironical to see at times, people wear branded attires and expensive jewelry but their thoughts and behavior is quite meretricious. Aptly said, ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder’. An artist may find something beautiful in a heap of garbage which is useless for others. Why restrict beauty to only what we see through eyes? Let’s widen the concept and try and see through our minds.

One has to take care of oneself physically and mentally. The cosmetics certainly makes you look beautiful but if we are able to adapt a routine of healthy diet , regular exercises/yoga ,meditation and self analysis am sure the beauty would be seen many folds. Beauty reflects through our face, body and behavior. So it’s an entire package where you can’t just focus on the face and leave the other aspects.

On similar lines, here are some thoughts woven in words:

Beauty lies in Behaviour , thoughts and words,

My Lips are soft and pink and beautiful

But what if my mouth opens and the dark truth is revealed?

Let me be the epitome of Grace and Truth

The dignity, honour and fame I achieve

Let its veracity remain

Let it not be a counterfeit or paid

I stand tall to help the needy

I stand tall to respect one and all

I stand tall to be what I am

That’s what I call   BRAND ‘ BEAUTY AND BRAINS’.

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