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Health,beauty and wellness


Health,beauty and wellness

Post Marriage I am a married women who doesn't have a god gifted gene for a eat anything still have a slim body. Now anyone can face such an issue but the reasoin why I want to address married women in particular is because of the changes that happen around us,in our body,in our lifestyle and the added responsibilities which makes it impossible for us to maintain our health and we start suffering from health problems and obesity! After I got married I was just too engrossed in the changes around me and my job which had me coming post 9.30pm every day. I wasn't as active as I used to be. Before marriage my day started with some stretching, followed by yoga, dance classes in the evening and gym. That's a huge change. And I realized it soon. So this blog isn't to complain about the changes but what we can do to sneak some time in our lifestyles. What can we do? The first change I preferred,to begin my day with a cup of spiced green tea.I spice it up with night soaked coriander seeds, cum

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